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Kalicia’s Botanica has the right to refuse service to clients that are disrespectful, alarming, or erratic. We understand the truth of some information can be difficult to hear, this is why we asked client to schedule their reading when they are able to receive all the information. Taking frustrations out on your Advisor is meaningless, we are here to help everyone. We took an oath to God to help those who seek us, it would be unfortunate to be excluded from the help we can provide due to misplaced anger. If you are overly emotional please wait until you are not to schedule your reading. Please make sure when you schedule your reading your ready to hear the truth and do the work that is needed. If you feel you are in need of emotional guidance rather then spiritual guidance it’s possible you may need to an schedule an appointment with a therapist or a counselor that can help you emotionally before scheduling your psychic reading. Unfortunately I am not a licensed therapist and can not assist with every emotional issue.



  • Kalicia's Botanica has a No Nonsense Policy in place. Kalicia's Botanica will end services for anything we feel inappropriate.

  • Clients with an extensive amount of Karma Debt. (No reader can read them)

  •  Clients who send an excessive amount of text messages or direct messages can be turned away.

  • Clients who are not patient and attempt to rush us. Please ask for a refund before attempting to make us move faster than company policy.

  • Administration is fulfilling the duties of their job description, anything done is over seen by Kalicia’s Botanica Management. Administration has the right to end services without Psychic Kalicia’s consent if they feel it is in the best interest of Kalicia’s Botanica. 

  • Clients who have an issue with excepting Divine Timing.

  • Clients who compare Readers or refuse to understand each Reader can have different reading styles

  • Clients who take frustrations out on their Reader. 

  • Clients who do not understand predictions can change at anytime for a number of reasons. (Psychic readings have no guarantee)

  • Clients who refuse to understand that If they or their POI is going through a Divinely Guided Spiritual Healing predictions can change. 

  • Clients that do not respect company policies especially time frames for Kalicia’s Botanica

  • Clients who continue to contact Kalicia’s Botanica to vent or complain instead of purchasing a reading. 

  •  Clients who have chaotic alarming erratic nervous energy which can create wrong predictions.

  • Clients who try to make their choices the responsibility of their Advisor.

  • Clients who don’t understand Psychic Readings will not pick up everything.

  • Clients that don’t respect Advisor Boundaries.

  • Clients who do not respect the Advisor Client relationship. I’m your Spiritual Advisor assisting you with Life Fulfillment not your friend.

  • We added this due the Client Complaints we have had in the past. Clients who contact Kalicia’s Botanica Clients that they do not know to ask about Psychic Kalicia, discuss their readings, or predictions. This falls in the area of badgering Clients of Kalicia’s Botanica. 

  •  Clients who are rude, disrespectful, or condescending.

  • Clients who argue because the insight was to difficult to hear.

  •  Client who try to make the Reader feel tested or uncomfortable. 

  • Clients who try to bully the Reader into telling them what they want to hear. 

  • Clients who try to bully the energy or the predictions.

  •  Long time clients who continue to doubt predictions even after 99% of their predictions happened 

  • Clients who were asked not to send voice-memos because of the visions the Reader receives during the voice memos but continues.

  • Clients that are combative or argumentative. 

  • Clients who repeatedly contact Psychic Kalicia's business line instead of Customer Service. As of October 2021 all correspondence outside of a reading goes through Customer Service.

  • After a wrong review is sent to us. Kalicia's Botanica feels this is the best approach for the safety of the Client and the Consumer.

  • Clients who always have disturbing noise in the background during their reading.

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