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Book Sneak Peek

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The True Story of Lavinia Fisher
The First Female Serial Killer


I’m Kalicia Seville a Spiritual Advisor with mind blowing accuracy and this is a sneak peek of my book How I died to become Prophet Kalicia. I'm in the process of writing a book about how I died and developed extraordinary intuitive abilities. I suffered a near death experience a few years ago after that my abilities seem to developed shortly after that.  I conduct “Past Life” readings along with a number of other services. I read on any subject, however I specialize in Criminal Investigations, Twinflames, helping souls to cross over to heaven, and so much more. I'm known by my clients for having an impressive accuracy rate! You can follow my Instagram (@psychickalicia) to read all of my amazing reviews. I have 300k followers and almost 1000k client reviews of predicting the future. I recently decided I wanted to know more about my past lives. After deep meditation for my fiancé and myself I discovered that I am in fact Lavinia Fisher reincarnated, and my fiancé is John Fisher, reincarnated. When I discovered this, it was difficult to hold back the tears of sorrow. What you’re about to read is going to sound unbelievable, and bone chilling. I can assure you that I have no history of mental illness and this is a true story. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get into my discovery.


On Saturday June 27th, 2020 I discovered that I am the late great Lavinia Fisher, reincarnated. Today was the first time I’ve heard of Mr. & Mrs. Fisher. Lavinia Fisher was the named the First Woman Serial Killer of Charleston, South Carolina. She also was the first woman to be sentenced to death by hanging in 1820. Unfortunately, there isn't information about the couple's life before their arrest. I’m going to share with you today what my Spirit Guides shared with me. Their birthdates were unknown until this day. I found Lavinia was in fact a Virgo born August 22, 1793. John’s birthdate was May 26, 1792, he was a Gemini. I read Lavinia’s origin was unknown, but I can tell you that she was an Apache Indian from the Missouri area. Her real name was actually Suelyyn Hombstand (Suellen). Lavinia fell in love with a man by the name of Peter before meeting Mr. John Fisher. Peter and Lavinia had planned to marry in her younger years. Peter was also Apache Indian who lived in Lavinia's hometown not far from her. Lavinia’s first love, Peter, was brutally murdered. Sadly, Lavinia was raped by the same men who killed Peter. He was murdered for defending Lavinia’s honor. She truly believed Peter was her guardian angel sent to save her. Lavinia died inside after she had been raped but she completely snapped when Peter’s life was taken. Lavinia grew up in a home with her father, mother, and 2 younger siblings. The 3 men who wronged Lavinia were associates of her fathers. Lavinia’s father acted as if he didn’t believe her when she told him what the 3 men had done to her. Lavinia knew her father believed her but was to afraid to address the men. Peter being the only one who defended Lavinia and was later killed for it. The men were of different nationalities a Native Indian man, a Spaniard man, and a Caucasian man. They attacked her in a meadow in the middle of the day. She had to walk home after the raped with blood dripping down her legs. She later met John while living at home with her parents. Lavinia ran off to marry John and later changing her name. She would never see her family again. John’s early life wasn’t ideal either. John’s dad tortured him repeatedly for years, making him stand against wall with no shirt while he would beat him almost to death, still wearing the scars well into adulthood. Lavinia easily embraced John, he and Lavinia seem to mirror each other. John was no stranger to crime, he fell madly in love with Lavinia, he would do anything for her. They were the perfect couple, both damage souls.


Lavinia and John allegedly killed over 40-50 men that they believed were monsters. The couple felt they were ridding the world of bad men, men like the men who ruined Lavinia’s life; men like John’s abusive father. From what I've read about the couple it's makes sense why Lavinia asked the men they targeted excessive amounts of questions about their personal lives. Knowing their motive of course doesn’t justified their actions. I just felt compelled to shed some light on their truth, they were vigilantes not heartless murders.  The majority of the men reported missing were known for killing and torturing people of color and taking the law into their own hands. Most assumed Lavinia was an olive skinned Caucasian woman but she was a pale Native Indian. Lavinia's Apache ancestors’ land had been stolen by similar men the couple targeted. This infuriated the community, the Fishers were avenging slaves, and native Indians. I'm going to clarify a few details that are incorrect about the stories told. At the Bed and Breakfast their were trap doors by the bed in 3 different rooms that led to the stairs, no beds that fell to the floor as it told. Lavinia would choose a victim by talking to them and learning about their beliefs. She did use poison to sedate the men. She added the poison to the customers requested perishable. John later would retrieved their unconscious bodies through a trap door in the bedrooms while bringing a gurnee with him. He murdered the men in the basement back house, there was a secret passage that led to the hotel. No remains were found in the hotel, they did find 28 bodies buried by the hotel. I believe the authorities found remains of 8 men out of a total of 45-50 men.


The day of hanging Lavinia did wear a white dress that resembled a wedding dress, but it was not a wedding dress. She hoped her beauty would mesmerize a man in the crowd that he might ask for her hand in marriage to stop the hanging. If not, she hoped the judge would pardon her because she was a married woman. In the 17th century there was a law in place that a married women could not be sentenced to death. They immediately found a way around that by killing John Fisher first leaving Lavinia a widow. Lavinia's last words are not accurate in the stories told Lavinia’s said. “If anyone has a message they want me to deliver to God give it to me now.” She was insinuating that this wasn’t the end for her apparently she was right because here I am alive and kicking. Everyone assumed because the nature of the crimes she served the Devil. Let me add prior to their arrest Lavinia and John were adored and respected by community. John and Lavinia were known for their Bed and Breakfast just outside of town. The community saw the couple as well rounded, pleasant, and attractive. 


I will explain in further detail in the next chapter how we repay for our sins, however it’s not in a fire pit in hell as we were raised to believe.  The process is similar to the Justice system, it's possibly where the government obtained the idea from. We pay for our sins by choosing Karma lives to live while on here earth. Karma lives are when you reincarnate here an experience a life of misfortune, lost, or unhappiness. The level of hardship we experience in a Karma Live depends on the level of sins committed. We have all wondered why someone's life never seem to go as planned or why bad things happens to a good person. In most cases the person is in what I call Karma Jail. We are required to choose a certain amount of Karma lives depending on the nature of the sins. We received Karma lives for the obvious sins like hurting another, murder etc not things for example premarital sex, cursing, or same sex relationships etc. This made sense to me, I struggled to understand why bad things happened to good people or why God didn't save them. If we are in what I call Karma Jail, we are living out a sentence to repay Karma Debt. In the spiritual God doesn't have to step in we need to complete our time in "Karma Jail". The good thing is we don't have live the Karma Lives consecutively. God spoils us tremendously we live one life and we’re able to be reborn as many times as we choose death after death. We are immortal souls that can reincarnate to earth as many times as we decide choosing a different vessel each time. I've live 527 incarnation lives and my souls is 2100 years old. We will discuss Karma Jail further in the next chapter. I will also explain how this life I live today is my first life out of Karma Jail and my last incarnation. I completed 47 human lives of Karma debt. I had to be held accountable for my behavior as Lavinia and a number of other lives where I made wrong choices, which I will discuss in the chapter called Past Life. After completion of our Karma debt we all receive a reward of congratulations for finishing your Karma lives.  Let's discuss Karma Jail in more details in the chapter that is references Karma Lives Sentencing. 



The stories about Lavinia and John Fisher didn't cover this, but it's obvious if you read between the lines. John Peoples is the man who helped the police bring the Fishers to justice. John became suspicious of the couple when he witnessed Mr. Fisher wholeheartedly defending a person of color with the deepest compassion. This is when People's realized all the men reported missing had one thing in common they were all extreme racist. John's Fishers behavior raised a red flag for Mr. Peoples, he decided to visit the Fisher's Bed and Breakfast to start his own investigation of the disappearances. John wasn't in law enforcement he was a concerned citizen. These were the times of vigilantes and civilians taking the law into their own hands. Legends say John Peoples escaped through the window while running from Mr. Fisher when he actually left through the front door after felt he was drugged by Lavinia. Let me point out the obvious if John Peoples jumped out the window because they were chasing him like mentioned, the couple would of fled their hotel immediately for fear of getting caught. Peoples made sure he only drank a small amount of the tea and poured the rest out while Lavinia wasn't looking. It also reads he slept briefly on a chair and not in the bed. All the articles conveniently failed to mention Mr. Peoples profound reasoning for booking a room at the hotel. He intentionally told Lavinia how he tortured people of color to bait her. Mr. Peoples was convinced the couple were the suspects involved in the disappearances after feeling dizzy from the tea Lavinia poured him. The detail questions Lavinia asked him about his personal life alarmed Mr. People as well.  Peoples exited the hotel and went straight to the authorities claiming he was positive the Fishers were responsible for the disappearances. They assigned David Ross to watch the hotel. The Fishers discovered David Ross but mistaken him for an intruder. They captured David but they were completely unaware he that he was a police officer. Assaulting a police officer gave the authorities reasons to arrest the Fishers. This allowed the police to search their establishment.  The  legends tell us Lavinia haunted the jail after her death. I get there were a number of individuals who died at this jail. There were restless souls wandering the jail during those times but it wasn’t Lavinia.


My Spirit Guides assured me I crossed over to heaven immediately after death. About a year before discovering that Lavinia and I shared the same soul, I had few reoccurring nightmares about being raped by 3 men in the grass and walking home with blood dripping from my legs. I'm remembering details about my life as Lavinia around this time of the season each year. June is the memorial of when Lavinia's was attacked and raped June 1805. I have a scar on my soul from experiences as Lavinia. These dreams felt real I would wake up crying.

It saddening me that the truth was withheld from us. Lavinia went down in history as the first woman serial killer with no credible facts to her history. Information was intentionally withheld to fit a certain narrative. Someone went out their way to remove the facts of what really happen. John and Lavinia believed in their heart people of color needed a hero which is why they became that at the expense of their own life. Tabloids were more than pleased to describe the couple as heartless individuals that has no respect for the human life. It was rumored the Fishers were killing for pleasure and money. Please google Lavinia Fisher, there is limited information about the couple. There was an extensive investigation preformed by the police that was not shared with the public. The first Woman Serial Killer marked in history and only a total of two paragraphs of information, seems intentional. Lavinia was not the first woman who committed a murderer of that era but she was the first to woman to be hung. I read it's a mystery to where Lavinia and John body were buried. I see their bodies at the bottom of a well in Charleston S.Carolina not far from the jail.  John's body is facing down and Lavinia is directly on top of John facing down. The dress Lavinia wore the day of the hanging is still in good condition even while on Lavinia's skeletor. There were no other bodies dropped in this well prior to the Fishers. I want to make sure for obvious reason their truth is told honestly and accurately. I've decided to dedicated a chapter in my book to Mr. John and Lavinia Fisher.

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