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We prefer Clients to filled out the form on the review page however Clients can also text reviews to the Customer Service business line, Direct Messaged on Instagram, or send emails. 




Please click the send an email button to send a customer complaint, feedback, or suggestions. We’re always open to making the client experience better. 




If the client and the advisor are not connecting within 3 minutes of the reading Psychic Kalicia will end the call and refund the client in full. If the call lasted longer then 3 minutes there will be no refund offered even if the reading ended earlier than the scheduled time. 


Refund for private readings can be subject to 15$ processing fee if you cancel the same day of your reading. When you schedule at a later date that $15 can be applied to your next call. Please notify us via text before rescheduling to apply the 15$ credit. 


If you need to cancel your reading prior to your appointment date please notify us and you will receive a full refund or an option to reschedule.





Psychic readings will not predict every situation. Some situations have to occur without any notification because of the lessons within them. 




PREDICTIONS CHANGE-Predictions are always subject to changes because of free will and number of other reasons. I have clients who are very aware of how predictions cand contact me often to check if there have been any changes. Actually clients who are a custom to getting psychic readings often work closely with me to maneuver around any changes. I don’t do free follow up questions to check for prediction changes. There is an option down below you can choose “Did My Predictions Change” Let’s go over reasons why predictions can change. The most important reason why predictions can change in the area of love is because you didn’t work on yourself to develop self love and confidence. Now the most common reasons is client hearing what they want to hear. Clients leaving out vital information, that’s not smart that can interfere with your predictions. If you’re speaking to a good psychic some things will pop right up but some things have to be mentioned to get a better understanding of your situation to give an accurate prediction. The vibrations in your energy will not always pull up everything in the situation. That’s why clients should tell the whole story that occurred to get a better read. Another reason why is clients doing the complete opposite from the advice giving like don’t call them, don’t talk to people that could get messages back to them, don’t post things to annoy someone, don’t talk to their friends, don’t date someone else or should call them and you don’t etc. Now their confused on why their predictions have changed. We also have numerous paths we can choose. A client/person can choose any path including a path that wasn’t apart of their reading because of free will. A person can do this knowingly, energetically or subconsciously. Predictions are subject to change either by someones actions or due to the Higher Power. They change for the smallest to biggest reasons that has nothing to with an Advisor. As this is real life and life is about obstacles. Obstacles build strength. I say that I have 99% accuracy because no one can be 100%. Saying that I have an 100% accuracy rate is promising perfection and nothing in this world can promise that. Most predictions are changeable due to manifestation something we are all capable of doing.Don’t live your life by what an Advisor predicts you must live life as you choose. Which is why I say live your life, even psychic readings have no guarantee.





 A client can always find a job sooner then what was predicted. Psychic Kalicia’s career predictions are where the client will either make the most money, love the environment, or there is room for growth. In most cases the job the client gets prior to the job predicted is a place that the client may not like but takes the position because work is needed or the job will not last. Psychic Kalicia can also predict a new opportunity, however the client will need to do well at the interview to help the prediction come to fruition. That’s for any area of love, career, or finance. We have numerous paths to choose from, predictions are not promised we still have to do our part. 




As of November 2020 Psychic Kalicia doesn’t give just single date predictions. Clients have been known to put too much pressure on the energy of the date which causes the prediction date to change or eliminate. Psychic Kalicia will give a strong date with a time frame. It is in the clients best interest to go by the timeframe. My psychic timelines start from the moment we speak until the ending time given. There is something we all have and it’s called FREEWILL because of freewill things can change dates can change. They can be pushed out further or moved up closer. I can tell you this with certainty after speaking to me during a reading sometimes things come to fruition much quicker then what I said. When a client and I speak during a reading its considered a prayer that we both do together during the reading. Sometimes prayers are answered quicker. EVEN something I didn’t see happening because it needed to happen for you and a prayer was answered that way as well. A lot of clients who have read with me can testify to both situations. I pray for all my clients. When I give clients a timeframe I am rounding off which is why I tell clients to look out for the event right before or shortly after. 




Karma Debt is how we are held accountable for our sins from either the current life or the past life. Clients who have an extensive amount of Karma Debt are not good candidates for psychic readings. Spirit can not enclosed substantial insight to any Spiritual Advisor for this client. The client has work to do without the help of an Advisor. Depending on the amount of Karma these individuals will face difficulties until lessons are learn. Unfortunately these clients will be turned away. 




Here are some of the reasons a psychic can create a false prediction besides being an unfavorable spiritual advisor or having an off day. Some clients have been know to energetically over power their readings which can create blocks that create false predictions. If a client is exceptionally nervous during their reading it will block their energy. Some clients can energetically will their predictions unknowingly, for example thinking repeatedly “please don’t tell me their cheating” can create false predictions. Clients receiving a reading for the first time can create false predictions because their energy isn’t relaxed. Clients that have mixed feelings about getting a readings and try it out anyway. Another reason can be receiving insight by chat/email/text and the situation needed to be discussed over the phone to properly pick up the vibrations in your voice.


We try not to conduct business through direct message, instead we ask customers to inquire information through our business phone line or email listed below. This will ensure that you are speaking to Kalicia’s Botanica’s staff. We utilize IG direct message for reviews, new clients, and to relay messages from Kalicia. Our Customer Service response team is mainly for processing refunds, to help with scheduling, and directing potential clients to the website. If you do not have questions related to the topics I just mentioned please don’t send a direct message. Any other type of questions will have to be answered by Kalicia. Please feel free to schedule a phone reading at anytime by clicking the link in the bio. We appreciate your interest in Kalicia’s Botanica and truly value you ask a client. We look forward to having a long standing client relationship with you.

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