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Get insight from Psychic Kalicia every first Monday of the month by creating a profile with Click4Advisor. Click4Advisor is a pay by minute call service for Clients to purchase 5 minutes or more for their reading with Kalicia. Psychic Kalicia logs in every first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM EST until 10:30 PM EST. Please be sure to place your callbacks early. Kalicia logs out for the evening after she speaks to the callers in queue. If you place your callbacks after that you will have to wait to the following week. 


Don’t forget to schedule your callback to be placed in the queue (NOT A SCHEDULED CALL OR A CHATBACK). When Kalicia logins on MONDAY the system will call you in the order of the callbacks that were received. Each month Clients will receive 5 free minutes. There is no obligation or commitment to create a profile with Click4Advisor. Refund for unused Click4Advisor payment or login help please call 925-469-9600.


I can’t wait to share my gift with you all. Let me assist you with finding clarity. I make real predictions that happen. I do not use tools or Tarot Cards. I am honest, professional, and down to earth.


  • Payment-by-minutes Service with Click4Advisor.

  • Need only 5, 10, or more minutes of talk time.


  • Must place a callback not a scheduled call to be placed in queue 

  • The system will call you when Psychic Kalicia logged in.     

  • I will only take calls until 10:30 PM EST the remainder clients waiting may have to wait until next date.

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